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Leadership Team

The leadership team at CPR consists of experienced business and technical professionals that have run their own businesses. Having this skill set allows our team not only to provide outstanding IT consulting services, but we can act as an outsourced "Director of IT/Chief Technology Officer," enabling us to get more involved with the client's leadership team and understand the business better. Ensuring IT decisions align with business goals.


CPR becomes part of your team. We aren't just an 800 number to call. We typically have a permanent staff member onsite daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the company's size. We are there with your team to learn the nuances of your business culture and pay attention to the small details to leverage them when planning for your organization's growth.


We have built a cultural mentality where no one is left behind. We check our egos at the door; we do not talk down to people and work with our team to celebrate our successes through an internal, peer-based bonus system. When someone falls, we all work together to pick them up, dust them off, and make sure that every failure is a learning experience. We know no one can know everything about IT but are resourceful and have key team members in each IT niche that our guru's in their respective areas. Knowing when to pull from those resources leads us to far quicker resolution times than most clients know is possible.

History of CPR


CPR Team(s)

Greg Whicker (CEO/Founder)


Jorden Whicker (Technology Solutions Architect/Engineer)

I'm a Technology Solutions Architect/Engineer, Software Developer, & Entrepreneur. I pride myself on being someone who can accomplish anything & do so quickly & efficiently. My customer service skills are second to none, & I enjoy leading teams into new technologies to improve products, services, & business processes. Besides exceptional customer service skills, my charisma allows me to communicate effectively & quickly build rapport with everyone.


I have spent the past year assessing, implementing, managing, & monitoring over 50 small-medium business Information Technology (IT) solutions. These solutions include; IT infrastructure (networking components, workstations, servers, mobile devices); cloud services (Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, dinCloud, & cybersecurity services); business continuity & disaster recovery solutions; Software as a Services (SaaS). To accomplish this, I wear many hats; business analyst, project manager, technical support, research, & design, etc.


Before my TAM position, I had spent five years improving my software development, business analysis, & general IT support knowledge at the Salt River Project (SRP), where I supported a critical business area responsible for maintaining the power-grid for Arizona.


My software development expertise consists of Microsoft's .NET (C#) framework, explicitly implementing Windows Services, APIs (SOAP & REST), & ASP.NET MVC web services & applications.


I'm an Arizona native & love getting outside & being adventurous. I mountain bike, hike & take ATV's, dirt bikes, & my truck off-road (4x4) frequently. I've found there to be so many resources online for trails it was overwhelming & none of them seemed too comprehensive. I found myself easily able to get to the trailhead but never knowing which trails brought me back, whether or not bathrooms were available, & was there going to be enough parking, so I created a business for those looking to do more exploring & adventuring in Arizona & including all that information.


Check out my site for more details & some great pictures!