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Does your current technology cause more problems than fixes? Does your support team take days to respond & resolve issues? Are there management struggles? Are you falling victim to information silos? Are your solutions, scalable? Is your hardware up-to-date? Is your network & hardware secure? Do you have redundancy in the event systems crash? Are you required to abide by compliance regulations? Do you trust your technology support? Is your staff sufficiently trained to handle phishing or malware attacks?


Benefits of Managed IT:

  1. Network Health Monitoring

  2. Antivirus Monitoring & Updates on IT hardware

  3. Patch Management on IT hardware

  4. Spyware Detection & Removal

  5. Preventative Maintenance

  6. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions

Our Services

Managed IT Services (MITS)

"All-in-One Tech Bundle:"

  1. Endpoint Management & Support - antivirus, patching, remote support, & system diagnostic monitoring are all included through my Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) agent.

  2. Network Security Management & Monitoring - depending on your business's requirements determine the right networking solution. I have experience with all the major networking solution providers (i.e., Cisco, WatchGuard, Fortinet, & more).

  3. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCRD) - making sure your companies data is not only backed up but that you can continue day-to-day business when a disaster happens. My preferred BCDR provider is Datto, however, I'm experienced in numerous others (i.e., Microsoft 365 solutions, Veeam, etc.).

  4. SaaS Management - Azure/Microsoft 365, Google GSuite, etc.

  5. Cloud Services - Compute, Networking, Storage, Mobile, Databases, Web, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DevOps.

Residential Technology Services & Support
  1. Problems with your home WiFi? Worried it isn't secure?

  2. Need help turning your home into a smart home? Smart doorbells; smart thermostats; indoor & outdoor cameras; cloud thermostats; smart lamps; smart garage doors...

  3. Need to upgrade from Windows 7 or Vista?

  4. Issues or questions about your computer, either Windows or Mac?

  5. Need help setting up a printer(s)?

  6. Buy a new smart TV and need help setting it up?

  7. Want help learning how to work your smart TV?

  8. Upgrade your smartphone but don't know how to work it? Switch to/from Apple iOS to/from Google Android?

Software Development & Engineering Services
  1. Web & Desktop Applications (.NET framework)

  2. Web Services (RESTful, SOAP, WebAPI)

  3. Relational Database Administration (SQL)

  4. Agile (KanBan & SCRUM) coaching


"CPR takes a very different approach to technology solutions and supporting those solutions. They carefully analyzed and customized solutions to improve every facet of our business. Greg and Jorden then became part of our company and continue to help ensure the success of our business. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone."

Matthew Richard

CIO of Benelli, LLC

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We offer free consultations to review your technology infrastructure and solutions to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement.

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